Reliable, quick and strong: the Firewood Docking Machine is perfect for the farm, handyman or light industrial use.




  • Safe and Efficient Cutting

  • Roll Top Bench

  • Full Safety Guards

  • Stainless Steel Rollers

  • Honda Engine

  • Powder Coated

  • Tungsten Tipped Saw Blade




Large Blade (SBS36)

900mm Blade with 355mm Cut, 11 HP Honda Engine

Medium Blade (SBS30)

750mm Blade with 280mm Cut, 11 HP Honda Engine

Small Blade (SBS24)

600mm Blade with 215mm Cut, 8 HP Honda Engine

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Firewood Docking Machine Specifications:

Model SBS24 SBS30 SBS36
Blade Size 600mm 750mm 900mm
Log Cutting Size 215mm 280mm 355mm
Motor Size 8 HP 11 HP 11 HP
Bench Dimensions 1500 x 280mm 1500 x 350mm 1500 x 430mm
Overall Dimensions (H,L,W) 1350 x 2660 x 1640 1425 x 2810 x 1640 1500 x 2960 x 1640