Reliable, quick and strong: the SAWQUIP Firewood Saw Bench is perfect for the farm, handyman or light industrial use. Designed to be easily towed behind any vehicle, it is ideal for docking firewood at any site, removing the need to cart heavy logs long distances. It's smooth and quick operation allows for high production of cut firewood, giving a significant time saving compared to traditional firewood cutting equipment such as chainsaws.



SAWQUIP Firewood Saw Bench



Safe and Efficient Cutting

  • Roll Top Bench with auto return

  • Full Safety Guards

  • Safety belt tightening mechanism

  • 11hp Honda Engine

  • Brake Lights & Indicators for Towing

  • Tungsten Tipped Saw Blade

  • Removable Blade Guard for easy Blade Repair


  • Excellent for docking dry, hard timber to length for firewood. Suitable for both hardwood & softwood timbers.

  • Performs well in both Green and Dry timber

  • Excellent performance when cutting dirty, old or rotten timbers (when compared to chainsaws)

  • Excellent performance when cutting burnt and charred logs and timbers, with minimal impact on blade life & performance

  • Can be used for logs, sleepers, branches, sticks & any such timber required to be docked to length. 




Large Blade Saw Bench (SBS36)

900mm Blade with 355mm Cut, 11 HP Honda Engine

Medium Blade Saw Bench (SBS30)

750mm Blade with 280mm Cut, 11 HP Honda Engine



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Firewood Docking Machine Specifications:

Model SBS30 SBS36
Blade Size 750mm 900mm
Maximum Log Cutting Size 280mm 355mm
Motor Size 11 HP 11 HP
Bench Dimensions 1500 x 350mm 1500 x 430mm
Overall Dimensions (H,L,W) 1425 x 2810 x 1640 1500 x 2960 x 1640