Bendigo Saw Sharpening supplies sawmilling blades that have been manufactured in Australia to quality performance standards. We can supply a blade to suit every type of wood cutting application.

We supply many types of sawmill blades:

  • Multi-rip blades
  • Guided edger and gang saw blades
  • Bench saw blades
  • Breaking down saw blades
  • Board twin edger blades
  • Trim saw blades
  • Panel sizing blades
  • Splitting saw blades
  • Truss saw blades
  • Pruning saw blades


Sawmill Blades 

Bendigo Saw Sharpening also offers reconditioned sawmill blades as another option for the budget conscious. Our reconditioned sawmill blades have been carefully reconditioned by our expert machinists to the highest possible standard for maximum performance and durability.

 Simply call or email us to get a quote on your next sawmilling saw blade.